ASO - Joint - Tape

ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S is a new type of waterproof composite material which is expandable and has a high tensile strength . Water vapour diffusion pores help guarantee fast drying of water-containing tile adhesives and water proofing layers.

ASO-Joint-Tape-2000-S is highly resistant to aggressive substances.

Tape is available in rolls, preformed for corners, shaped pieces or in widths of up to 160cm for on-site tailoring for intricate installations.

Main Properties of ASO - Joint Tape
  • resistant to brine, fats, diluted acids, alkalis, hydro-carbons and salt solutions
  • uv stable
  • broad temperature service -20°C to 90°C
  • elongation of over 600%
  • edge perforations for enhanced adhesion to substrate
ASO - Joint Tape Projects Gallery
  • expansion and dilatation joints in swimming pools, park decks and soiled earth areas.
  • multi-storey garages and car parks
  • sealing below ceramic finishes in bathrooms, showers & kitchens
  • pipe work joints and connections
Job References
  • Pentagon Athletic Center USA
  • Marine aquarium & Zoo Exhibits National wide
  • International Connect Trade
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